Twin Towers 911 Memorial

SEPT 11,2009


Its amazing how far we have come in technology in the past years.
Do you remember the movie 2001 , where is seemed like
space age things , like big screen wall tv and sliding panels for entry.
Here it is 9-11 ten years since this movie was provided to the world, but now
this date means even more as it is the memorial today of
The World Trade Center. 4 years ago i visited the ground zero location , while i was visiting The Garcias
and given a 1st class tour of New York city . I even got to be a cop for a day at the 94th ,as
a guest of Mr Fred Garcia, and was judge for Miss Carribbean contest.
Now Kathy Garcia is presently holding the title of Miss New York Tropics. This is a part of the Carribbean Tropics
and web site Tropic Kids on Ws . located at
tropic kids beauty contest
Many people have asked me why I call my blog with the title
Karaoke Pageant Entertainment, my answer is simple , just google those 3 keywords
and you will get a list of all the sites that it is connected to .

You are now on my blog located at but it is just a very small part of
the internet system that I have created over the many years I have been associated
on the internet. I started in the 80’s. when i got my 1st mac SE. A small box
that changed my life.

I left and went to Florida in 1994 , after a accident made the cold weather a very unconfortable
life for me. It was there that I decided
I was not going to go t o college to learn this new business they were talking about
called internet marketing secrets.

In fact internet marketing was not even available as a class, in a college.
After getting a new lap top , I began to study all I could learn from what the world had to offer.

In the past I had published hard copy magazines,and newspapers as far back as
my time in the 1960 living in California. After returning to western new York
I decided to put music away for a bit , and started to publish a few publications.
Starting with a publication called NOW ‘New Open World’ with assistance from UB
, then I created a publication , as an experiment call The family Tree , and created
Generation Gap , a publication of all cartoons that were made up of all ads.

I met a man called Jessie Nazareth and assisted in creating the magazine of music
and arts titled The Alchemist music and arts magazine, and features on local Artist like George Palmer portrait artist. and
featured stories on art communities in the southerntier like Griffith Sculpture Park .
There was a lot creative people involved including photographer Paul Petock and Gabriel Poncinelli.
It was later in 1980’s when artist Jessie Nazareth, passed. Following the same concept
of the Alchemist , was Jamie Moses and his successful publication, titled
Art Voice magazine. A publication that is still giving great promotion to the arts
community in and around Buffalo and Mighty Niagara Falls.

Lots of things I did were experiments of publications to promote bands an events.
When i returned again from traveling , I came across in 1980’s Rick Fulkowski who i had know from a
band at main Scene in the 1970’s and met David Buffamonti assisted in creation of Back Stage Magazine,
which over the years has now become Night Life. At one point I was the country editor , and covered
all the music events around Buffalo and suburbes. Now night Life hosts the music awards
yearly as The Back Stage Music Awards, showcasing the best musicians in and around the area.
Another part is the Hall of fame awards that are given out to major players , that have a big
impact in the music business like Lenny Silver Amherst Records , Record Theather
and starting back as far as working with Steve Brodie in Best and Gold Record distributor
back in the days when Buffalo was a major player with WKBW Radio, with dj Danny Nevereth, Joey Reynolds, Dick Biondi.
George Lorenze of WBLK , know as the HOUND DOG , and Lucky piere .

There is a lot musicians that have made a major impact on the music industry, now today some own bars
located in Buffalo and some in Florida .With all kinds of music featured , like past member of a major
county act for years.

Well as we look at this date 9-11 like i said lots have has changed , but a statement i once learned
‘The players may change , but the song remains the same’
I love this quote , and have always believed its a great song , will remain a great song
who ever sings it . In and interview with Dawn Reese show in New York City with Pete Bennett. He quoted
these words “—————————”

All of this will be in up coming blogs , and finally in the up and coming E-book
THE PROMOTER “more then just a good book to read”
coming soon.

Learn who will be the new stars of tomorrow today , as we take a look at the child stars we discovered
many years ago , what are they doing now.
Summer Healy Chapin, ( daughter of Laura chapin ) of Father knows best – miss america Erica Dunlop ( who was just made Miss America )
A disvovery of 2 young boys that we called 5+3 , ( yes that was there ages , in the 90’s , where are they now?
vocalist Jessica Erin , who I discovered on the beach in Hollywood Florida, Caitlyn Tayor Love with Dawn Reese .
There is so much to share but time is limited , please send me some of your feedback to things covered on this
blog . i am going to create this as a sticky , Blog. This means it will stay on top , and i will add more info on this one every
few days . it will feature the newest members of http;//
We have about 45 founding members of this great new site . When we reach 50 , and that sould be soon , i’m going
to send out a new ebook all about the internet marketing business , and It will have a value of $97.00.All 50 people
that have been members will get this Free .
After the first 50 get this it will go on sale for a starting cost of $05 ( five cents ) and increase with each person
wishing to purchase it . i will let you know so you can learn more about it.

I LOVE YOU TUBE VIDEOS !!! and post all my videos on there daily WATCH THEM
“A great one to start with”
Coming soon
a fun video you will want to share
twin white sisters wrestle in ring

Want the answers to all these questions ,
make comments and watch the all new , for the newest songwriters info and videos.
I use a FLIP MIMO VIDEO, every day to capture events in and around Western NY
and post them on search out songwriterslounge

To rapp this blog up for TODAY
“Remember all that died this day in 2001 ”
a great presentation has been created , if you would like it
contact me via email and i will send it to you
After seeing this , it will make you see what can never happen again.
Thank You
Gerald Gordon Ralston

email me

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    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. admin says:

    Fell free to quote , but please put credits
    and let me know when you do

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