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This is the current RADIO show of POLISH BLOOD broadcasted on 11-20-11 Enjoy please give it time to load as it is a big file,and depends on your internet connection.

Buffalo promoting local music of today

I just was accepted into the Broadjam Music site , you can read more about it at the following link

They told me stories in email about how ,they the creators had originally created a site with NS ,with a niche of BMX bikes and how it was sold only in weeks for 10 xs the original Niche Socializer Data Base. It was a great sales pitch with them saying the reason they created it as it would allow you to sell your own products,digital and hard goods . Well it sounded great and the demo site was about guitar ( learning how to play ) I’m not sure of the title but it was its had guitar in it’s title. Now we all hear about the wonderful software the Super affiliates create,but lets move ahead to this year ,after I did not get any assistance to fix a few gliches in it. Moving on I was told about another server that would make working with blogs easier.That was titled HOST GATOR and today I use them instead of Go Daddy
Now let me say this about Go Daddy , the prices of Domain Names are about $10.00 ( Ten Dollars )
a real great deal. Now Host Gator is great as a server and hosting your blogs,and creating them easy with Fantastico , allows you to create blogs in minutes .
After moving the direction of
to , was easy. Soon I started to add members to the site.Now let me let you know it takes a while gathering members, so at first you can not charge members. Now being a big GEEK I did not understand how important on Word Press it was to upgrade and backup your blog or in this case Data Base.
On a Friday night when i was about to celebrate my 100 member , I turned my computer on only to get this message:: I had been hacked


I was so shocked when Hostgator ,also shut down all my blogs. I was shocked as like I said I was not that much of an IT.
They showed me where the Hackers had gotten into my site and sent 30,000 emails plus yes thats
Thirty Thousand emails, using my site.
We discussed it back and forth and finally started to understand what happened, and I spent hours day and almost a month .

I had created a few zines before in the 1970’s.when i created a beautiful glossy magazine titled : now you can read MUSIC from rock to bach,featuring the talented bands of this eara. being a multi gendra publication ,it featured country,pop,rock and alt music ,so many its hard to explain in one blog. it was the day of joe lasbusta and beach club productions ,and concerts at the tangerine bowl in orlando florida.

it was the days of many who are no longer with us ,or in homes and hospital.bands that no longer exist but only captured on a video camera at that time. new years eve partys are celebrated only after so many are no longer with us. country band robert cody band, drew thousands to a fair grounds. melonie ,and a mega giant in the industry terry brooks ,is featured on the cover of this music zine.

>Man hangs on hood of moving car,as it bust into flames,beautiful girl wins crash demolition Derby. Proves

girls dont like boys ,they just like cars and money.

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Don’t worry be happy it’s Summer in the City

Put on your shorts and grab a blanket or favorite chair , and head on down for a FREE concert . Check out my friend Gene Anderson od George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.
See new super model Diana dicovered by Gerald Ralston of the Dawn Reese Show at the July 28th concert at the Canal Fest .

Learn how you can get a copy of

Gene Anderson PooPoo man

new song read below . After you watch the Video email us to get a copy of his new song .


Are we on the eve of destruction?

as the song said from Barry Mc Guire.



Do unto others as you would have them ,do unto you .
If a person has taken out time to do special things for you , can be loans of money , or your valuable time, its the same thing.
Today with the cost of travel ,it’s nice to take out your
time to do things ,but in many things its not a “I did this for you ,you
do this for me . It has to do with wanting to help others, in this confused
world. The only thing you would like to receive is a named mentioned  to bring
viewers and listeners to the works you have done. I’m not directing this blog to anyone thing, but i’m sure if you are reading this you can like they said in the sixtys songs , read between the lines.When people call you and ask you to do things,
like perform your talent, or put it in videoor record it for a show to be broadcasted
at a later date.Then you do this and want people to be able to get this information about famous or in famous people.They have the way to inform the publicas God has blessed them with being able to have a media connection to tell the public. Upon listening to the broadcast the announcer in one hour , does not take out valuable 10 -20 seconds to mention ,where the listenerscan see the videos, or words about the shows that have been there for their listeners and viewers,

Like I stated this is not directed to one occurance , but many , now I have to at this point have too realize that , the media is not intrested
in assisting you to bring its listeners and viewersto the articals and videos.
Recently one of my biggest sites GOT HACKED it was called Http:// was 2 years of work ,down the drain with
many members ,lost in seconds. Now plaze to is covering events in and around western ny and creating a new structure to showcase the assorted blog post
that were connected to events that were covered over the years.From Boxing to live new talent,assorted links were there to keep viewers  informed
to past present and future stars. From featured audio and videoevents with stills they were all present. From the mother site to the one youare reading now to the links spanned a lot. BUT with out a mention by media of these sites it has made it even harder to keep the site afloat.

Unless we get some good media coverage
by local media, we are not going to be able
to keep our server people happy.

Notice: If you are media we ask you to
please direct your followers to
this new site we are trying to
keep active:


We have been hacked and temporary lost connectin to

What can we do to help? it’s so much destruction, we read every day as the news puts us up to the minute with storm after storm,and fires and flooding.

ADVERTISMENT video insert
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We have other valuable information we want to share with you
After watching this video please take out time to give us your NAME and Email ,so we can give you more information.




The player you see in the video is not the one we are selling ,but it is the same model,and it works , but has some static in the speaker.It has a new needle and all mechanics work well.

Learn more about special software to change audio files from 45’s to MP3 , and other Wave files.
Vinal records are coming back and collecting them is a fun past time and could help you to make some extra cash

ENJOY THIS VIDEO and more to come

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A Way to create oneway deep links

A Special Free Offer to help singers and musicians


Pre Teen girls taking the spotlight in talent world wide,could this be a new direction.
Taylor Swift age 18 takes the awards on tv in music. Americas Got Talent features Jackie Evanchowith Sara Brightman
,but there is more. CHECK OUT NAOMI Montaro.
YOU BE THE JUDGE ,could she be the next discovery World Wide.

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I was born in North Tonawanda New York , in a house that was part od a racetrack , in what is now called the town of Tonawanda New York. Attented Lincoln School, Kenmore Jr and Ben Franklin Jr HS, Kemmore Sr West and finally graduated with honors from Kenmore East as the first official Graduation class in 1960.I was in bands since I was 7 years old , and learned to play guitar at Cradel Beach camp, and later more from the mother of Rock a Billy Hall of Fame artist and songwriter http://www.Eddie, who was just inducted into the hall of fame. I sang with eddie for years working with Dan Neverath of radio station in Buffalo. I went into United States navy after graduation. I was assigned to VR6 -Vr3 at McGuire Navel Airforce Bash in New Jersey.Was assistant Dir of Naval Airforce production, titled " Showtime mcguire, traveling the world , till an unfortuanate air accident ended my career. I Created and opened the Mansion House Peppermint Lounge in Buffalo , you can see video , on THE REST OF MY LIFE IN MUSIC IS SOON TO BE RELEASTED In a new book I'm writing titled "THEPROMOTER' More then just a good book to read. Soon you will be able to get a free introductory offer , if you are a member of I am a singer and songwriter and have been writing songs since i was age 11, and still write today. Creating songs at 11 like Rock n Mole, Mariposa,in 1970 i like that girl,in 1965 it's a comic book world,1980 as well as songs that will tell you the future of today's world, soon to come. Songs about Matt Urban,"World War 2 hero,The Firemans Song 1984, tribute to 5 firemen that died in 1984 in Buffalo Propain explosion, ET go Home, Who stole the batmobile, Who stole my car, Also for the past 25 years I have been a pageant judge in many beauty pageants world wide . I am now associate co producer of the and created and manage her website today. I now have started in part 1 of a 3 stage plan for internet domination of film , tv, and music industry, you may ask how ? with creating the next best site since, , and Introducing REMEMBER THIS !!! All productions start with words and music to create the perfect love song theme , and it all starts with songwriting, songwriters, and lyrics. I am the songwriter of today , creating the songs you will grow to love,and discovering the new super talents,idols, of tomorrow. Keep watching this blog , to learn who are they ? and where are the now? IMPORTANT IF ANYONE OUT THERE CAN DO THIS AND BETTER to write songs , I urge you to join, and help new songwriters to write the songs of today and tomorrow. Leave part of your talent in the hands of the new songwriters and singers of tomorrow. Do it today !!! Gerald Ralston
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