SUNN interview Gerald Ralston and Dawn Reese with Sunn

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by Gerald Ralston and Dawn Reese
“Ralston Reese Report”


SUNN has released the tribute to the late Michael Jackson



Its amazing how in todays time we search out the talent that can be the next American Idol, or Pageant Princess or potential movie or TV star. But have you given thought how did this potential star start out ?

That is the big question I keep asking myself, as I can think about my beginning at the young age of 3-4 , as I was hoisted to the top of a table to sing a song. Later I went on at age 7 to compete in talent shows at the local theater in my home town.
So today as I search out the new stars of today and tomorrow , I ask them the same question? What age did you start to realize that this is what you wanted to do , and what things did you do to accomplish it?


After my few questions I will ask Dawn Reese to continue with the interview . But now I am talking with Sue the mother of Sunn this new rising star.

Gerald Ralston
of the Ralston Reese Report

Q Sue can you tell me how and at what age SUNN started to get interested in the entertainment world?
A Hello Gerald,
Thank you for talking with me yesterday. I appreciate all the info you passed on to me. Here is the material you asked for on Sunn.

Like a rising star, Sunn has been shining since a very young age. Her love for singing and acting has been a part of her life ever since she can remember.
Q What was some of her early interests in entertainment , and what age did she start?

A Sunn first kicked off her career in musical theatre at the age of seven. She has performed in over 20 productions carrying lead roles such as Dorothy in “The Wiz”, Sandy in “Grease” and Eponine in “Les Miserables”.
Q What was her background , were any members of your family involved in entertainment, and how many brothers and sisters does she have?
A we can cover that later but after ten years in theatre, Sunn decided to expand her musical abilities and break into the music industry.
Q I would also like to know any talented performers she has , had influence her growing up and style. And what is she presently doing now?

A She has been recording for the past three years on numerous CD projects.

Q Does she doing any of her own material, or is it music of other writers and who has been giving her assistance in these days?

A Recently, Sunn has joined partnership with Majestik Magnificent in furthering her career. Under his management, Sunn has recorded a collection of music videos and original songs.

Q Can you tell our readers how old she is now , and more about her career goals?

A Sunn now eighteen is putting her creative efforts into performing, songwriting and furthering her career.
I want to thank you for this opportunity to lean more about Sunn.Now Dawn Reese will continue and ask a few more questions. Thank you .

I hope this is what you are looking for and if you need me to make any changes, please let me know.Thanks again.
Sue Cavote

Interview part 2 with Ceo of Dawn Reese Show and Tropic Kids
and my associate in The Ralston Reese Report.
Now enjoy an exclusive interview with Dawn Reese and Sunn

Dawn: Hello Sunn, I wanted to start out and ask you when you started singing.

Sunn: I started singing around the age of seven, but singing has always been my passion ever since I can remember. It’s weird though, because no one sings in my family, I’m the only one. But they are the most supportive people I know!

Dawn: You have your own Video and CD, how many songs do you have?

Sunn: Yes I do! At the moment, I have my newest video on my and my website at

We have made a couple of CD’s, not full length albums of 10 and 15 songs, BUT we will someday! Right now, on my new CD, I’m going to have about five songs, all original. So I’m really excited to get my music out there and see if people like it.

Dawn: Do you write you own music? What inspires you?

Sunn: Yes, I love writing my own songs and my manager loves writing songs as well, so together we collaborate and have written a couple of them together.
Dawn: Do you play a musical instrument?

I love playing the piano and just sitting down and writing music, just a mood or a feeling can inspire me to write a melody, but writing songs with lyrics is a different story! I think once I may have just sat down and started singing and actually used the words that came out by accident but most of the time I HAVE to be inspired by situations happening to me or my friends.
Dawn: Tell us about your manager ?

My manager, on the other hand, has is it really lucky. He can just sit down and start writing about anything he wants whether it’s happened to him or not. I WISH I could do that! Soon though I hope!

Dawn: What is your website?

Sunn: You can visit me at or
I created and manage both my websites! So you have to go check them out and let me know what you think!

Dawn: How did you meet the famous Majestik Magnificent?

Sunn: Meeting Majestik was kind of a funny story. I live in Southern California and he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. So right now you can start to wonder how we ever met. Well, we both attended a birthday party here in California. Strangely though, during the time Majestik and I talked at the party he had no idea I sang. I ended up getting his phone number after I found out he was a talent manager and called him a couple days later to tell him I was singer and I had a demo CD if he was interested. Just a week after he asked if my parents and I could meet with him in Las Vegas to discuss a management deal and that’s how we started all of this!

Dawn: How do you feel working with one of the major promoters of the world?

Sunn: Majestik is probably the most interesting, unique person you’ll ever meet. He is a character. But he’s great! He’s encouraging and really does believe in me. He’s honest with me on what sounds and looks good and only wants me to be the best I can be.
He promised he would never let me down, so I’m holding him to that! Something that’s really nice about working with Majestik is that he’s not intimidating or mean; he’s understanding and caring. But I think my favorite thing about Majestik is his ability to have a “vision”, and no matter what, he truly believes in what he does.

Dawn: What advice has Majestik given you for your career?

Sunn: Majestik has given me so much advice but the thing that stands out in my mind the most right now, is how he always tells me to believe in myself “300%!” because when I do that, other people will believe in me too.

Dawn: You have had the chance to meet with the father of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson as I have interviewed Mr. Jackson a few times. Did he ever give you any advice?

Sunn: Yes! I have met Joe Jackson numerous times. Whenever I’m around him, it’s just like being with a star. He CREATED the Jackson 5! How cool is that to be with him and talk to him?! And yes, he has given me advice. Three things you must ALWAYS do, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE. My mom and dad and I had so much fun meeting him and hanging out with him and Majestik.

Dawn: Are you interested in Acting & Modeling for TV, film and print?

Sunn: Yes!! When I was little all I wanted was to be inside the TV, I think I could be a good actress, maybe‚Ķ I’ve always kind of wanted to be! The modeling though, wow that sounds so fun too! Maybe I can be a triple threat, and just do it all!

Dawn: Tell me, what is a day like with Sunn?

Sunn: Hmm, a day with Sunn can be pretty busy if I’m in Vegas, recording or performing. But here at home, I play music everyday, either on the guitar or piano. If someone told me I couldn’t play music all day, I’d be lost; I just can’t stay away from it. Especially recording, that’s my favorite part of making music. I spend a lot of time trying to write songs and recording music but I have voice and piano lessons every week so I have to practice a lot for those and finish my senior year in the midst of all of that.

Dawn: What does Sunn do for fun, your hobbies?

Sunn: Well, I love to play music, as you know, but I also love listening to music. I love all kinds of music from indie rock to the top 20 and more. I can’t wait for a new song to come out, or to discover an unknown artist and put them on my Ipod! My biggest hobby I share with all my friends though is going out to eat. In fact, if you are friends with me I can guarantee you that we will go out to eat, A lot!

Dawn: What would you like to tell other girls your age about this business?

Sunn: There are so many things to tell other girls about this business. You really have to be devoted; no one just wakes up and is a star. All the people you see on TV and doing music work really hard at what they do. You have to want to be the best and truly believe in yourself. If your heart is not in it, then you should be doing something else. But if you truly love singing, dancing or acting, and know you may not be the best, that’s okay because you can be, if you work hard and don’t give up. Without my parents and family I couldn’t be where I am today, so hopefully girls out there can have that same advantage. Even if they don’t, it’s okay, because if you want something bad enough and that’s all you can ever imagine yourself being, then you can do it.

Dawn: What would you like to talk about?

Sunn: Well, I want everyone to go check out my Myspace and website!

Dawn Reese
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