Where do they start ? Where are they now ?

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In the 1960, there was New open World,Generation Gap ,Family Tree,and many other publications created. In the 1970 came Gemini one,Open Circuit, Harmony, and the biggest full color publication out of Orlando Florida.”Now you can read MUSIC from rock to bach”

Now you can read music from rock to bach

All featuring the best in local regional and national talent. In the eighties it was the country input as editor of Back Stage Magazine ,and promotion of many new acts like The Beezzz and more . 1990 it was the creation of industry related newsletter RALSTON REPORT in Florida ,now in 2010 its all connected again with what you are reading .

BUSINESS NEWS FOR 2010,Here we will review the latest new programs that can assist you in learning about what is called Affiliate -marketing-news. Now I want you to know in advance i have not made a big bundel of money, but I think of it as going to College on line, and I am ready to share with you what over the past years I have learned. Yaro and Gideon , are the blog masters , and have been the ones guiding , me in writing this Blog now. Mike Hill assisted me in getting it up on Go Daddy for hosting.  Below I want you to take a look at Holly Manns program, a girl that started with nothing but a dream , and made it work. I also have experienced some great audio cast , that have given me a heads up on what to expect in the future of internet or affiliate marketing. I recently compleated what was called the Thirty day Challenge , best part Dan lets you have it for FREE, with all the best tools to use. Over the month as my mom got her new Bichon Frise Puppy, I decided to create the website  http://www.howtoraiseabichonfrisepuppy.com. This has been a fun project on the web and watching this cute bundel of white fur  grow day to day. Her name is Peaches , and you will grow to love her , more and more every day. Follow her adventures as she wins puppy beauty contests, and gets rewarded with bags of foods and treats. SEE HERE BELOW LETS LOOK AT THE CURRENT NEWS Well that was then and this is now , we are at 2010 , a whole new year to find ways to provide income from using a computer. One of the best programs is created by a lady by the name of Holly Mann .and  program to learn all about making money on the internet. Now before you read this , I want to say , making money with ANY system on the net is not saying your going to get rich. All I’m saying is it will increase your knowledge to the ways you can increase your income if you use a system a friend told me about. It’s very simple R.S.V.P ok its Read ,Study ,Visualize,and finally perform. I will cover more about this in future blogs. So if you have an interest in learning more about internet marketing,let me suggest you check this out. Let me introduce you to Holly Mann’s  Honest Riches – 245 pages, 10 mini books in one, with guided graphic tutorials and all the tools you need to make a real honest living online. All of the techniques taught in the guide are ones that I personally use to make my income online, and I’ve been doing this for 5 years now. Over 35,000+ copies have been sold, and I haven’t seen a negative review of it to date – you can confirm this online. It has stood the test of time, and I have worked very hard to over-deliver and fully disclose all of the methods to making a true income online. Honest Riches is ideal for beginners or anyone who has not made any money from their online efforts yet. The guide will provide you with all the tools you need to succeed and make an income online.  CLICK THE LINK TO LEARN MORE No previous experience is necessary . Click Here! Introducing

Gerald Ralston Entertainment News

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What are we doing to help in social connections? Everyday million of new people join Facebook, My Space , Twitter , and hundreds of other web2.0 businesses. New TV and Radio shows are ready to introduce and make connection for new visitors to the World Wide Web.


Late night TV shows are so confusing starting after the 11:00 news , David Letterman, followed by Conan O Brian who recently was requested to swap time slots with with Jay Leno ,which did not seem to go over to well with him. Next in the line up is Craig Fergson and his list of exceptional talents. Then comes my favorite Carson Daly , who is on target with the worlds newest talent. American Idol is another searching zone to find the worlds best and greatest talents ,or in UK its called another name , but it all has the same purpose , to find talent where do they start?and where are they now? RADIO AND TV LOCAL REGIONAL and NATIONAL

Recently we have video taped and recorded set up to Pod Cast Polish Blood Radio Show Broadcasted every Sun Eve 6-7 on WXRL Radio in Buffalo

The show features all of the best talents in and around Western NY. and news of our discoveries Where do they start ? Where do they end up ?


NATIONAL NEW TALENT BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP, but the ones we have met over the years have been much more then just surface beauty. I have been a talent judge going on 25 years, starting in the 1980 with Bonnie Krull at Niagara falls Convention Center ( THE CASINO  ) , with Holiday Pageants, on to Florida with America’s Darling, where I judged Erika Dunlop , who went on to become Miss America in 2004. Judged many talented girls in the Namiss.com  National American Miss Pageant, wher Dawn reese and i discovered CTL Caitlyn Taylor Love , who went on to place 2 nd in Americas got Talent, and last monday was star on I’m in the Band Disneys new TV show. SEE HERE BELOW.

Discovered in Orlando Caitlyn Taylor Love at National American Miss Now see her Premier on Disney Mon 6-7 –

I’m in the Band

Discovered in Orlando by Dawn Reese and Gerald Ralston

Discovered in Orlando by Dawn Reese and Gerald Ralston


What can you do to HELP?


YELE TEXT 501501 established by Wyclef Jean


JAN 12 th 2010



Just talked with Gerard Francois in Miami ( lil Haiti ) located at 651 nw 47th Terrace Miami Florida 33127. He announced that He is working with many people to assist with help for Haiti. John is very active in the arts and music community , with Champmars Art Studio. He can be contacted at the Center ,and email at champmars@att.net. More details soon: Help is needed to raise funds , to help Haiti He can be contacted at 1-954-559-2723 and has plans to create a venue to help in MONEY NEEDED CONTACT THE FOLLOWING Send out the message of Haiti musician Wyclef Jean to help Haiti.

On CNN He sent out a plea to help with donation to YELE text 501501, this will send a donation to help the Haiti Community. He also sent out a cry to help find Rapper JIMMY O, who has been reported dead. Any news contact CNN.

Please make any comments to this , Dawn Reese is very involved with the Haitian Community , and has been a guest of the Haiti Festival for the past years. She sends her prayers to all the people in Haiti and offered to do anything to help raise funds for this terrible disaster. With the help of all radio station friends , and tv she is willing with Willy Orbison to help in any way. We support the help of Wyclef Jean , and ask for all our friends to text YELE 501501 on your cell phone it will add $5.00 to the fund. More to come on this BLOG. Wyclef Jean asks all Haitian’s to come to the aid of their homeland brothers and sisters. Check out the reports of CNN news , and if you have any information you want published to help this cause ,let us know. More way to help the victims of this great terrible disaster Rush Help to Haiti Donate today to help survivors of catastrophic Haiti earthquake. www.MercyCorps.org Haiti Earthquake Aid Thousands of people affected. Donate now to help us respond. www.SavetheChildren.org/donate Haiti Earthquake Relief Please contribute to the relief effort in Haiti www.Hope-For-Haiti.org Haiti And Earthquake Help victims of the Haiti earthquake. Make a donation today. www.ChildFund.org/haiti On the ground in Haiti Doctors Without Borders teams respond to earthquake in Haiti. DoctorsWithoutBorders.org THIS JUST IN FROM DAWN REESE I just got off the phone with Dawn Reese and she said that the Haitian based radio station WPBR AM in WPB Florida , is a great place to get up to date news on Haiti. http://www.galaxieintertv.com For years Dawn Reese has been doing radio-internet tv on this station. Hallan Daphnis has opened the doors to this great lady. He can be reached at 561-641-8882 Now we all need your help with the residents of Haiti and the tragic earthquake that on tuesday have taken almost 50,000 lives people so far. Music is the healing agent Once again will be the tool to help the island of Haiti. When I first heard the news over the internet of the 7.1 earthquake on the rictor scale. Totally destroying the Palace , and crippling the hotel holding the UN Peace keepers. Today USA has taken the lead to start to deploy all types of ships loaded with heavy equipment and choppers, and medical supplies to the land.

JAN 1st 2010


News stories we are working on for 2010

  1. WHO IS MASON T STORM? and why does He have a place in the top news of 2010 Discovered by Captain Mike Reporter of WOE ( Willy Orbison Entertainment News ) 2. REPORT FROM THE STUDIO:
  2. a. Michael Smooth

    Michael Smooth with his family the Jacksons

    Michael Smooth with his family the Jacksons

  3. is in the studio ,working on his new CD , Cousin to the famous Michael Jackson , has plans to enter the Music World soon.
  5. Big show planned in Rochester will give aid to
  6. Pets of today , Dawn Reese and Loren Chapin will join producer Lynn from The Nationals Talent Search in Febuary . ‘More details soon.
  7. Karaoke not just a fad anymore , as its a great way to introduce new and established talent to the local and national media. Monday night Jan 18th set aside to let Karaoke singers, and National and semi national artists, Norm Skulski
    Norm in a quest to name the Federal Court House after Matt Urban

    Norm in a quest to name the Federal Court House after Matt Urban

    helps Matt Urban with signatures for Federal Court House.

  8. GOT A GREAT NEWS STORY tell us about it NOW!!! Email here Willyorbison@aol.com




New Years Eve is a night that everybody looks forward to ,think about it.


Dawn Reese just alerted me to the all new LOPEZ TONIGHT So far He has 2,255 members signed to his new Computer generated community , I just joined so that makes it 2,256. Thanks to Dawn Reese Show she has posted 41 videos of the last years adventures on radio and TV on this new site. Take a look at the new site : http://community.lopeztonight.com/profile/DawnReeseShow?xg_source=profiles_memberList When you visit make sure to leave a comment on her page , that you found her via the all new and improved WILLY ORBISON ENTERTAINMENT NEWS


Meeting is a few hours with Western New York’s number one marketing man, Captain Mike and headed to a few house parties in his new car that DRIVE CAR BY THE HOUR FOR ONLY FIVE DOLLARS He pays by the hour , yes you heard me right ONLY $5.00 dollars an HOUR. Details soon about this great deal. LOOKING FOR AN EDITOR IN ORLANDO , Make a few extra Dollars , and get FREE admission to all the CENTRAL FLORIDA CLUBS. Work with leading marketing Man Kevin Keen.


At that point in time it was a very big expense , now with Ustream and others it can be fed from one web cam to another . JOIN US :Details on how to sign in soon. Have questions ????????? email me here songwriterslounge@gmail.com Listen to one of my songs on the web CLICK BELOW. Allways on my mind by Willy Orbison


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year . Gerald Ralston aka Willy Orbison





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