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dawn reese show is a who is gerald ralston and dawn






 Hello and welcome to a project we
have been working on for many years , I want introduce myself
. My name is Gerald Ralston. aka Willy Orbison but over the years
I have been called a few names . ( haha ) not that kind. You
can learn more about me in my soon to be published book, THE

In 1998 after a brief accident in Buffalo
, I decided to move to warmer weather and a place that I had
experienced in the 1970’s Orlando Florida. It was there that
as a result of being asked to be a judge for Americas Darling
Beauty Pagent , I met a lady that would become a solid placement
in my life and best real friend.

Introducing Dawn Reese , who was a former
Mrs. New Mexico and now has a real love to help people get connected
, without being taken in the entertainment industry. Her"

Be cool stay in school campaign ‘ has been a from the heart experience
for her.

We worked on many projects together and
over the years interviewed and captured many stars on video.
It was our dream to put a site up on the web and some day put
in print in magazine format to promote each other . I tryed to
connect her to all the contacts I had , from Craig Soldinger
former state president of the FMPTA ( who we just lost to cancer
this year) . Also Pete Bennett ( promoter of the Beatles and
Rolling Stones and many more stars.

It was Dawn Reese who connected me to the
Jacksons, James Brown and The Pre Grammy’s and Vonnie Hilton
Sweeny. and Gene Anderson of the Pfunk Group with George Clinton.
I could go on with all the people we know , but we plan to share
with you not only in words but video. When you subscribe to our
coming newsletter by giving us you name and email , we will give
you behind the scene contacts to help your career.

Today they call me the singing affiliate
, as i love to create ads in music for all my sponsors. below
you will find a wide variety of links to all these videos.

We invite you to experience the interviews
in the WPBRstudio and on location
at concerts and in national acts tour busses. Now the one thing
we would like from you is your name and email address, so we
can keep you informed to what events we are doing , and how you
can get involved in the internet business with many rewards.

Thank You

Gerald G Ralston

Dawn Reese

All copy on these pages are exclusive property
of Ralston -Reese

and can not be used with out our permission
and are (c) 2009 .

We will be glad to glad to grant you permission
, please just ask

Email us at




WHO IS DAWN REESE ? and Gerald


 Ralston Reese Report is a who is
Gerald Ralston of

Song Writers Lounge and Dawn Reese of Dawn Reese Show

Ralston Reese Report introduces Gerald Ralston also know in the
industry by a lot of sucessful names over the years in the entertainment
business. Latest in 2009 is his crossover country and rock mix
Willy Orbison. wearing the dark rimmed glasses of Roy Orbison
and the long silver blond hair in brades of Willy Nelson. Many
people hearing him says it is a well mix of the two names says
his publicist Kevin Keen , formerly with Ed Mc Mahon of Star
Search and Johnny Carson late night TV host. Gerald Ralston recently
created the web 2.0 site like Facebook , and my space for singers
, songwriters and artists with talents. Titled Song Writers Lounge
a new haven for people who create great lyrics and beats. Gerald
Ralston can create on the spot lyrics and music on his guitar
and does this with his co host Dawn Reese on her talk show on
radio, tv or the internet.

Dawn Reese a former Mrs New Mexico beauty
Princess and host of Dawn Reese Show, and creator of Tropic Kids
dot WS beauty pageant gives new and experienced talent the winning
edge for your lyrics or talents and broadcast

it on radio tv and internet. Professional or Amature contest
links on her Facebook or Myspace bring attention to what you
are viewing now.

Ralston Reese Reportbrings the viewer to
learn all the can be seen on the Dawn Reese Showand her guest
music and lyrics creator ,Willy Orbison sings about her beauty
pagent princess and winners.You the viewer can again tune in

WPBR radio broadcast or catch a performance at a karaoke pageant
entertainment event. Promotional marketing lyrics and what some
call commercials showcase talented lyrics writer Willy Orbison
on assorted You tube videos like how he helps to secure a free
car rental , or even a free car , when he creates the Uncle Mikes

Or a free puppy from Moochie Poochie, he
believes lyrics are everything and you could live free, just
creating music lyrics for all the sponsors or advertisers . Need
a new car try putting magnetic signs on the side of a door of
your car to get money to make the payments. Think about it, is
that not what the race drivers do , to pay for all their expenses.

Lyrics karaoke singer and now referred as the Singing Affiliate
Willy Orbison plans to make money selling other peoples products
in songs. Want to learn how to make money nowor write a song
like his big hit soon on his cd "Going to Orlando ",
Jamaica no problem, you can search for anything and meet a great
creative person by joining for free at www.song writers lounge.

Recieve free music downloads and free sheet music or free internet
gifts from the site that gives you more .

Internet tv is coming of age and so is
veoh television network thatgives you full movies to download
for free and sound click music that allows you to put your songs
up for others to rate.

Gerry gee sings all over you tube and says experience my best
lyrics and marketing karaoke singers I have discovered at Klub
karaoke in Buffalo He has a way of getting people to become you
tube singerand teaches web site promotion and entertainment weekly
promotion at street festivals and arts & entertainment events
giving ,free music downloads and gree cds to people as he meets
and greets them. as far a free sheet musicand karaoke music lyrics,
they can be downloaded off the web for free.

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 Sometimes lyrics just seem to come out of no where

I really never write lyrics down till after i sing them.

It’s a new way of writing, but it’s what i have down for years.

it was that way with "Comic book World, Mariposa. and as
you can hear

as I just sing what comes into my head.

When i wrote rock n mole at age 11, it was the same

after i sang the lyrics, i would sing them again, and listen
to them and put them on paper.

It’s fun when youevent like the

birthday of Bucki , a Buffalo Zoo Elephant

that just recently

passed away. The song lyrics were

"no matter what they say or do

elephants have birthdyas to"

the song was a song i composed , at the

birthday party at the

buffalo zoo in the 1980’s.

Where the lyrics come from , All I can say is it’s a gift

from God , that I never claim

as what i do.

At this event you are watching,

the original song ,i composed was all

about being cool and staying in school

,i was joined by friends

and it became a fun event

that got captured on video.

All of a sudden , after that I decided

to do a song with lyrics about

dawn reese, and her

radio and tv and internet

show, called


I hope you all enjoy it .

feel free to pass it to your friends.

all lyrics are now

(c) 2009 ralston pub

but feel free to sing and share


put the video on myspace,facebook,

or any 2.0


What is real cool about this video

is it makes you want to get up and dance

and clap and join in,

it was this same thing that happened in

summer in Mighty niagara falls,

on a street corner , as we sang and

danced with kids from williamsville hs.

and later for a batchlotette

party for amy. We created a song"Amy getting married"
it just keeps happening,

wekk after week

show after show.

Weeks later at the end of the spyguystvshow, we did an after
hours jam

with music and lyrics from members of dv3

hip hop and r and b trio.

All i can sat it’s just a few

friends that get together

and it turns into a party..

It can be is La, Orlando, New york city

walking down the street in Manhatten

with Promoter Pete Bennett

and dawn reese

singing New york new York.

Or jamming months later

with Kathy Garcia , at a bar ,

in Brooklyn.

I do it in Buffalo, niagara falls

arizona, when ever the mood

strikes me.

It was in the Florida Keys , that Jason captured me on film,

and put it on You tube.

I hope you like this Song and Gerry Gee many more show clips
up soon








Willy Orbison














orbison talks about songwriters lounge a great place to le

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 When the web first was created , it
was just words and then came designs and pictures

finally it was blessed with videos

Internet marketers tryed everything
to see how they could

market products, affiliates created millions of e books and products

Today we live in a space and time
,of not having lots of time to read or even watch long

drawn out productions to get your message . Enter Twitter, 12seeconds
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