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It is now in effect not a bill but a law that was signed by

President Obama,

all about what is and what will be the new order of credit cards,gift


and other pre products. now called ACT,this new law will help

protect our country

from people and businesses that could charge extra fees and %

on none used cards

and extend the date of experation to 5 years.

Reading from PPP a industry related publication, I have learned

the following

tips that I can share with you.(k up read more)


New York State Blues Festival

by Gerald Ralston

New York State Blues Festival Fundraiser for Hospice

of Niagara was a success , as thousands cheered on

Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown in Lockport  New York. Sat starting at 1:00 pm

as the gates opened to a sunny fun filled day Carmen Productions

had everything ready to provide a great day of entertainment for all who attended.

Production was covered by Raging Wolf Productions,doing sound and lights ,and well

known business man and club owner David Buffamonti ,was at the helm as Stage manager.

Square Circle Triangle Zee gives premier concert

The entertainment was of a mixed variety,as Gerald Ralston aka Willy Orbison

backed by The Square Circle Band ,consisting of Viv ,Bob and Patrick,provided

the musical backup of Keyboards,drums and guitar.Plus adding the

fantastic harmonica of Joe Carbo,to complete the musical arrangements.

Willy Orbison on vocals and guitar compleated the new band Square Circle Triangle Zee band which started out with a blues song of  of John Lee Hooker titled “Bright lights Big City”,to a melody of Buddy Holly , and

Chuck Berry with a final tribute song with a change of a few lyrics, to Lockport City from Kansas City.the final song

done by The band members finished with a song by the Beatles.

Next in the lineup was Mike Hund and his group called “Hund Rock N Rollers

This was a real taste of blues with vocals by Caitlyn ,who was on target and gave a great show , with Mike hund backing vocals and guitar,along with keyboards and drums.

Recently Caitlyn finished second in the 8 week competition at Town Pub in Tonawandas. She is and accomplished performer,working with assorted musicians as Jamie Moses on wed on Hertel Ave

Shadow lounge,and Mike Hund at the The Rock Bar on Niagara Falls Blvd on Sat nights.

The show continued with Flying Blind Blues Band,

Johnny Thunder and his band TerraNova followed by

Wanted by the FBI.

Evening Performance was Great:

Then came the headliner  of the evening when Blues rocker Savory Brown took the stage at dawn,and this added the lights and people to cheer him on. Featuring the guitar playing riffs  of Kim Simmonds ,it was like hearing every major guitarist , on stage at once . Changing guitars to the Flying V , it brought back the sounds of a variety of groups,that were created or that copied the styles of Kim Simmonds, of Savoy Brown.

I have to say this was one of the best bands I have ever seen perform,and over my 50 years of watching

and performing in musical groups,if you missed this great show for the low admission  price of $5.00

( donation going to Niagara Hospice ) you missed a great show.

I have tryed to capture the assorted clips of the bands on my ( Flip Mimo camera) and will post as many as possible on also will try to get them on flipcameraman1 and Watch for more shows by Carmen Productions.


Coming soon !!!!


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