Dare Devil from a kid overview of all videos

Dare Devil from a kid  overview of all videos

BIG NEWS behind the scenes interview with living Dare Devil Flying Jimmy Elvis what motivates him to risk his life with fire crashes and danger? We asked him a learned it goes way back to childhood days.jumping off buildings and jumping a bike later to riding a motorcycle thru flames and crashing a car through a hearse. You ask way and we start to see it all started in his childhood days. Below you can see a few videos we filmed at Dun Tire Raceway Crashorama in the past years. But what is amazing to the early stories he gave us in an exclusive interviews..coming soon You will want to subscribe to this great behind the scenes with a Dare Devil.

Willy Orbison welcomes all the Dunn Tire Raceway captured on video..


Z3 winner of Appliance Race


Willy with wind competioion behind Raceway


Willy Orbison welcomes all the Dunn Tire Raceway

Willy Orbison shows a view of the race from Drivers side


Willy Orbison reviles the behind the scene Soon you will experience the motivation of a young kid and the trill of danger.   subscribe now. Thank you


Whats left after the crash and fire


Using camper as Advertisment


THE RACE at Dunn Tire




Start of Skid race


Skid Car Race sparkes and danger

Overview of the cars behind the race




More behind the scenes


Looking over all the cars before race


Look at camper that will be target


Jimmy before Crash thru Fire


Giving information to crew


Flying Jimmy Elvis Tells of his Jump thru Fire


Flying Jimmy Elvis on Track


Flying Jimmy Elvis Jump Car


Flying Jimmy Elvis Crashes tru motor home with flames and destruction


Flaming Jimmy Elvis a self promoter in todays times


First hand Look Behind the track


Entrance to Dunn Tire Raceway


Entertining the back pf Track


Elvis T shirt Promotion get your special collectors issue of his t shirt and other collect ambles,like the bar coaster used in promo. Get a chance to meet Flying Jimmy Elvis and get signed photos and posters. Soon

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