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September 2014

  A Look at all the events that are happening in 2014 :

Night life invite of the weekDown at the Riverside sat sept 20th 2014 5-10 pm

Riverside Park, featuring : joe bando quintet,flatbed,the willies,leroy townes and more.Presented by spotsmen’s americana music foundationbuffalo new york. to foster ,promote and expand community appreciation for ameriaicana music from buffalo and western new yorkthrough the production and sponsorship of performance and broadcasted events and presentation of seminars and workshops on americana music.

Turning 73 at The Forvm with all my close friends

Gallowalkers host the 1st annual Ferry Festival on Grand Island , with guest bands .

CD comes to Western Ny to create new Supergroup for Daytona Project, Alan Kroll and more.

Working with WillyO  to create the new movie by screenwriter Gerald Ralston and associates.

A look at the Niagara Falls Reporter ( print Media ) and incorporating the Gerald Ralston Entertainment News  inside ( looking for sponsors )  call 716 308 0669  now for best yearly rates.

Polish Blood radio show featuring the best in local talent hosted by Norm Skulski , keeping the memory of Lt Col Matt Urban alive in America

“The HOT SHOTS” featuring Ed Bentley and Gerry Ralston headlined the celebration at the Forvm after 30 years, they still sound great. Video to be posted here soon. ( created by cdwo productions.


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