Welcome to my about page , after you read this you should know a bit more about me. My name is Gerald Ralston and i have been creating songs ever since i was age 11. Now I am a senior , but still love music and writing, and recently have been following a few intresting people that I have created a desire to become an internet marketer in the later years of my life.

  • 1.) my early years and attending a talent shows.
  • 2.) after high school and s navy

  • 3.) after service , opening my first club
  • 4.) my life as a hippy in the 60

  • 5.) getting into the publishing business
  • 6.) moving from print to net

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    3 Responses to About

    1. gail yarrow says:

      nice to meet you today had a blast at the Lafayette reunion

    2. gail yarrow says:

      nice to meet you today

    3. admin says:

      Thanks it was a real pleasure of talking to you on my one and only break it took. Later after a man at your table won the guitar, we got to be real good friends, i will be posting a story with pictures after he won the electric guitar.
      Hope we remain friends for a long time. Feel free to email me any time and follow my sites.

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