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Not only visible on the web but upcoming in the
Now covering the Niagara and Erie County
Pick up you copy at TOPS and many other locations

The webs version of one of 1990’s most successful printed publication

It just got better as now we will not only do photos ,of the people we promote ,but will shoot with a new compact 1080P Camera from Zoom. This weekend we were asked to cover the big Polish Parade in Buffalo “We did it and captured the staff , supporting Lt Col Matt Urban “Americas Most Decorated Hero. We will place a few videos on here soon . Subscribe and make comments .

Thanks The Original Ralston Report was created in Orlando Florida.
(c) ™ (R) (sm) 199

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Check out up to sec calendar of HOT events

STAFF IS BUILDING  We want to Thank  Jeff Kress Jr
Alan kroll  entertainment  associate
Ed Honich  of nightlife
CD for security and video mastering

Helena Jackman
proof reader and avid health news reporter
Our on line sponsors
Ask her how you can get money and help your friends to help business’s in your area  with
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Then watch this video from tv and you will be full of energy and live longer , watch this series of videos.  http://www.drinkthisampm.com  and see what D and A is all about and how you can create new cells in you body to live longer and stay healthier.

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don’t have a website let me create one now for you !!



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google bichon frise puppy prays

Google Bichon frise puppy prays? I was totally amazed that our cute all white twin Bichon frise showed up google. Her name is Peaches and she challenged Tiger Woods to game golf. Hello I’m her care taker my name I WillyO and Lina Gordon is her granddaughter. Learn all about this most amazing breed of dog, so love able and quick leaner

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Welcome to the events page featuring the events of tonight and future times.

Trusted Security Services that protect WillyO

WILLYO  and friends of WillyO performing in and around  Western New York . It will feature the latest audios .photos and videos ,ENJOY  “Please make comments ”

I want to thank all the people that have helped me fulfill my dream

I want to thank all the people that have helped me fulfill my dream

WHEN IN ERIE  and NIAGARA COUNTY :Read the best music and club publication Nightlife Magazine, pick up a copy at all the best Music Clubs in and around Western New York.


Bogne Creek Ampitheatre located at 8856 state route /243 Rushford NY can be contacted at 585-437-251. Website is located at http://www.bognecreek.com
This weekend features fri august 29th
Back in Black ac/dc tribute with special guest apple jack
Saturday August 30th at noon come be a star and sing karaoke on big stage from noon
to 3 pm .In the evening enjoy legendary recording artist
Pat Travers also”Screamin Lou” along with “Mon-Byrds’and Dallas
with big hits boom boom ,green eyed lady,snortin whiskey
and Black Betty
Sunday august 31
90 West Band western new york premier country band with special guest
Dallas,along with Return Trip

admission prices
friday $15.00 gate vip sold out Saturday free at gate vip $10.00

sunday $10.00 gate vip $20.00

no outside food or drink allowed

Bogne Creek Ampitheatre is a 21 +venue id is required

camping available
$5.00 per person per night

Tonight :With Alan Kroll and Unusual Suspects at The Hideway, located in the Quality Inn in Hamburg  Exit 57 New York State Thruway. We attended that event and saw the band ,and got to meeta few of the members who also have there own projects.On this past Sunday we featured a song off the http://www.muckrakers .com new Cd “Shouting in key”on The Polish Blood Radio Show. We are waiting for another young lady that also performed Called Jessica.
Time 9:00  to 1:00 am.

COMING SOON :WillyO at the best all ages location in MapleRidge Plaza at Toni Pepperoni
reese family

Enjoy the oldies shows and , soon you will be able to sing along, bring your favorite CDG Karaoke Disc and join In.
Details call 716-308-0669

or email songwriterslounge@gmail.com.

When In Niagara Falls read The Niagara Falls Reporter

The Echo Mansion line up of talent :


All about product B  music and video celebration

See how you can change you life and live longer. Coming to a hotel in your area soon. Remember the movie Cacon about people who start to live longer ,and reverse aging today its possible with Product B.

Watch for details check on these links below ,after you have viewed these great Product B  videos. Http://wwww.gotoralston.isagenix.com. Or email me at geraldgordonralston@gmail.com.
the links below can guide you thru the complete plan to be Healthy and Wealthy in your present life.
These are actual comments about people using Product B .
Jim of Clarence Center New York:

ALL THE LINKS TO LEARN MORE and how to get an invite to this SPECIAL EVENT



An Interview with Dr. Bill Andrews and John Anderson

By Bobbie Katz

Ever dream of living to 125 and beyond while being healthy, vital, and feeling and looking like you were in your twenties again?

No, we’re not talking Twilight Zone here, but rather real science that could prove to be the most world-worthy news of our time – a breakthrough product called Isagenix Product B that could change the entire global health picture as we know it. It’s all thanks to molecular biologist and researcher Bill Andrews, Ph.D., and Isagenix Master Formulator and Founder John Anderson, who are bringing to the fore the long and short of the situation surrounding human longevity – telomeres.

“Telomere length is the nearest measure that science has ever found to determine lifespan in humans, horses, dogs and cats – it acts as an internal ‘hourglass’ or ‘biological clock’ for aging,” explains Dr. Andrews, the founder, president and CEO of Sierra Sciences in Reno, Nevada, and one of the world’s leading authorities on telomerase biology. “Almost every known disease can be attributed to the shortening of telomeres. We are all born with long telomeres but they start to shorten from the day we are conceived. Product B has been formulated to address premature or normal telomere shortening. And what’s amazing is that because of John Anderson, we’ve been able to do it with all natural ingredients as opposed to chemicals. Product B is a nutritional supplement, not a drug.”

Telomeres have been likened to the plastic tips on shoelaces because they prevent our chromosomes from ‘fraying.’ These little stretches of DNA on the ends of our 23 pairs of chromosomes are critical for healthy cell function, allowing our trillions of cells to keep furiously dividing, thereby keeping us alive and well and able to get new skin, blood, bone and other cells when needed. Without telomeres, our genetic data would be lost because our chromosomes – twisted double-stranded molecules of DNA containing our genes that are located inside the nucleus of each of our cells – would scramble or stick together, causing disorder inside the body.

“Telomere length affects every internal organ and every disease – cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and so on,” reveals Dr. Andrews, who, in 1997, made a major breakthrough when he discovered an enzyme specifically in humans called telomerase, which acts directly on telomeres to replace DNA cell bases that have been lost to cell replication and maintains telomere length in cells. “When telomeres get short, the chromosomes become rearranged and transmutations occur.”

At the heart of the matter is the fact that telomeres become progressively shorter each time a cell divides and when they get too short, the cell can no longer divide and replicate itself – that triggers a mechanism called senescence, which causes the cell to become inactive or die. That’s when ‘bad’ things happen to the body. We start out with 10,000 base pairs of telomeres when we are born but we will essentially begin dying of old age when those bases reach 5,000, which usually occurs around the age of 60. It is now becoming a well-studied topic in the scientific community that age-related decline may be able to be slowed or theoretically prevented by maintaining telomere length.

It was back in 1961 that the phenomenon of cellular aging was first noted by Professor Leonard Hayflick. He discovered that cells cannot divide beyond a certain number of times but he did not know why. It wasn’t until nearly 30 years later, in 1990, that Calvin Harley at McMaster University in Canada and Carol Greider at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the USA discovered that telomere shortening goes hand-in-hand with the aging process and is the direct cause of cells reaching what had come to be known as the ‘Hayflick Limit.’

While three of Dr. Andrews’ colleagues – Drs. Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider, and Jack Szozstak received the 2009 Nobel Prize for their discoveries in telomere biology (their research involved telomerase in the cells of a certain pond scum organism but the discovery did not contribute to the discovery of human telomerase), it was Dr. Andrews who confirmed in 1997 that telomere shortening does not take place in the reproductive system of males and females because of a gene that is present called the telomerase gene. Hence, those cells are immortal because no DNA information is ever lost. Although all of our other cells contain the telomerase gene, as we age it becomes suppressed due to the lack of an enzyme. Dr. Andrews’ discovery of the telomerase enzyme was a key finding because telomerase can be reproduced by all types of human cells if given an appropriate signal, one that could ‘turn it on’ and hopefully reverse aging and increase lifespan.

Added validation to Dr. Andrews’s research has come from a recent study published in the journal Nature in which Harvard medical researchers, led by cancer geneticist Ronald DePinho, discovered that mice lacking telomerase aged much quicker and died earlier as an abundance of critically short telomeres developed. Dr. DePinho and his team engineered the mice to lack the telomerase enzyme, allowing them to grow to adulthood without it, and then activated the enzyme for one month with a chemical called 4-OHT. After another month, the mice were re-evaluated and to the amazement of all, the age related symptoms had disappeared and rejuvenation was seen in several organs, including their brains. Old, obese, gray-haired mice that couldn’t get around became young again both in energy and physical appearance. The study proved the case for turning on telomerase in humans as a potential anti-aging therapy.

Where Product B is concerned, it was Dr. Andrews’ hooking up with John Anderson via a top Isagenix associate, Peter Greenlaw, in 2010 that proved to be the icing on the cake. Where Dr. Andrews had been focusing almost entirely on drugs and chemicals to stimulate telomerase, it was Anderson who looked at the effect of oxidative stress and free radicals on telomeres and sought to provide telomere support with botanicals, bacteria, and other natural products he scoured the world to find. With Dr. Andrews having developed the technology to test, verify, and authenticate the effectiveness of the natural ingredients, Anderson went to work.

On September 23, 2010, he presented the first 15 ingredients to Dr. Andrews and, with the 11th one, Anderson had a ‘hit.’ Anderson then went back and began looking at the properties from botanicals indigenous to the U.S., India, China, and Europe. Eventually, that research and testing led to the development of Product B, a combination of all natural ingredients that have been shown to protect the cell against oxidative stress and support telomeres.

“The hit from my first natural ingredient was strong, but Dr. Andrews and I concur that we expect to find even stronger, faster-working natural ingredients over the next 12, 24, 36 months,” Anderson, who has 32 years of experience working in the nutraceutical industry, notes. “As I make new discoveries of ingredients, they will be added to Product B to enhance it, thereby increasing the product’s efficiency, absorption, potency and strength. The product has already been enhanced three times since it was released in August 2011 – it is now 6 times the strength of the original 2010 hit – and I know that there are a lot of opportunities for further discoveries.”

“Every ingredient in Product B has a long history of safety,” he adds. “Each ingredient has been consumed during the history of the world – most can be traced back 1,000 years. They all exist on the market but it’s not just a matter of going to a health food store and buying them. They are included in a proprietary blend that promotes absorption by the body.”

As for some of the noted benefits of taking Product B, Dr. Andrews, who has had a passion for finding a cure for aging since he was 12 years old, responds, “I’m 60 and I’m an ultra-marathon runner, doing 50-100 kilometer runs once a month. Since taking Product B, I have had better results than ever. The last 100 km I ran just a few weeks ago, I finished third overall and no one in the Top 10 was over 40.”

“I have an identical twin brother,” he continues. “I started doing telomere therapy five years ago, even before John and I began work on Product B, and I hadn’t seen my brother since then. We got together for the first time a few weeks ago and we were shocked. We don’t look alike anymore – I look amazingly younger than he does. His wife and my girlfriend, who is also on Product B and is the only female to have completed the 130 km run through the Himalayas, were shocked as well.”

Anderson cites that, at this writing, there are already more than 100,000 people using Product B in the six months since its introduction (at the end of August 2011) and the results are literally life-changing. People are definitely reporting looking and feeling younger and experiencing gains in energy, performance, overall health, and endurance.

“Of course, in addition to antioxidants and dietary supplements like Product B, exercise, reducing stress, proper nutrition, and not smoking are contributing factors in keeping telomeres long and healthy,” says Anderson, noting that he and Andrews are pleased with the result of their collaboration but by no means are finished. “Product B is a significant piece of the puzzle to help people live long and healthy lives. And, in addition to its being effective, Product B has been made very affordable for the public.”

So then, what is the bottom line on aging and telomeres?

“As a molecular biologist, I can definitively say that everything about our longevity and health revolves around our telomeres,” Dr. Andrews sums up.

It’s a statement that’s been a long time coming.








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Welcome to the Video Magazine of Gerald Ralston Promoter

Extention of news and contacts  WILLYO

musicflame363logo created by Dena Florida
September 2014

  A Look at all the events that are happening in 2014 :

Night life invite of the weekDown at the Riverside sat sept 20th 2014 5-10 pm

Riverside Park, featuring : joe bando quintet,flatbed,the willies,leroy townes and more.Presented by spotsmen’s americana music foundationbuffalo new york. to foster ,promote and expand community appreciation for ameriaicana music from buffalo and western new yorkthrough the production and sponsorship of performance and broadcasted events and presentation of seminars and workshops on americana music.

Turning 73 at The Forvm with all my close friends

Gallowalkers host the 1st annual Ferry Festival on Grand Island , with guest bands .

CD comes to Western Ny to create new Supergroup for Daytona Project, Alan Kroll and more.

Working with WillyO  to create the new movie by screenwriter Gerald Ralston and associates.

A look at the Niagara Falls Reporter ( print Media ) and incorporating the Gerald Ralston Entertainment News  inside ( looking for sponsors )  call 716 308 0669  now for best yearly rates.

Polish Blood radio show featuring the best in local talent hosted by Norm Skulski , keeping the memory of Lt Col Matt Urban alive in America

“The HOT SHOTS” featuring Ed Bentley and Gerry Ralston headlined the celebration at the Forvm after 30 years, they still sound great. Video to be posted here soon. ( created by cdwo productions.


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All about Hayden Fogle

Are you a fan of blues in Western NY?

Are you a fan of blues in Western New York do you get a special feeling when you hear B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Howling Wolf what about Muddy Waters and James Cotton blues performers on records and CDs. Recently at an event at the Forvm Amherst New York after the super blues festival celebrating the history of the biggest venues in Buffalo in Westen New York at the Lafayette Taproom reunion, I was overwhelmed when I first saw Hayden Fogle.

I was so impressed after the filming of the event for  Nightlife magazine that what I saw 14-year-old Hayden Fogle go to the stage with a couple other players that were performing blues music I asked to be able to sit in and do a couple numbers. That is when  I decided this young lad needed to be in the news. I called him and set up an interview with him and also asked if he would be a guest performer for the  Cradle Beach Benefit  and my 73rd Birthday on June 16th. Hayden Fogle interview Click Here


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Shopseek Canada expanding to Shopseek.org


This is a blog in progres

Mission Statement:
Released today April 27th 2014

Be first to gain this special Boutique search engine , not only for 5 years , but those wanting to sign up now will receive an additional 2 years . You can get a listing from a small business as low as $30.00 to a larger one for $300.00 and you get to keep 1/3 of it for being a rep and signing up local businesses.
http://wwww.shopseek.ca search out http://wwwwillyorbison.com
that will bring these results directly showing all about you like it does with Willy Orbison
Willy Orbison

Over 50 years in the entertainment business, looking forward to discovering the best talent to create a musical called “It’s a comic Book World “.
Much like the pied piper of Hamlin, gathering the talents and producing a talent show Watch for more details soon….

Now 2014  Gerald Ralston Vice President of marketing of Western New York  for
http:// www.shopseek.ca
Is looking for hundreds of representives to help sell the instant search engine.

Gerald Ralston aka Willy O Singer songwriter and talent scout for  http://www.dawnreeseshow.com.
Promotion of Michael Smooth Productions Entertainer

following the family connection to the late Michael Jackson.Singer
Songwriter and producer of the music of today.north


,michael smooth,michael jackson,dance,hip hop,
Quinston Music and Publishing Singer bass player,writer,marketing,advertising,publisher,

Shopseek.ca will be one of the worlds most cost effective search engines. The Fees for shopseek.ca will be based on a flat fee for a period of five years. The Fee will be based on a sliding scale to allow anyone to be listed on the search engine. Our goal and mission is to list as many companies and services as possible using independent representatives from all over the world. These representatives will be paid and anyone in the world can work for shopseek.ca. You can contact us at shopseeksearch@gmail.com.

Our representatives will work as independent agents, who will fill the Data Base with new customers within 24 hours of subscription. We will work with representatives from the world regardless of religion, race or nationality. Shopseek.ca hopes to have in its Data Base hard to find Medical Services, hard to find Consultants, hard to find Green Companies and hard to find Disaster Based Services.

Shopseek.ca will provide a listing of some of the worlds best restaurants. I have requested that my reps should dine at these restaurants before listing them. Our mission is to promote commerce around the globe. Our motto will be �surf like a breeze�. We hope to provide search results which are fast, accurate and reliable within 5 seconds and will feature the first coupon page in the results part of the search. If the client offers a discount, it will be listed on the detailed information page. In areas where English is the second language two listings will be given. The second listing will be free.

Shopseek.ca hopes to regulate the term free. If a site states that a service is free it will be designated as CERTIFIED FREE by shopseek.ca.

Every business listed with shopseek.ca will get its own Decal to identify it (for door or car) and every customer will benefit from Rolling Advertising on our front page, Cross Data base Advertising and updates to the data on the data base.

Finally, within 6 months we hope to have a self sign up page that will be credit card and paypal friendly.

Thank you kindly for using our site and if you any complaints or compliments please contact Mackson P. McDowall C.E.O at shopseeksearch@gmail.com

Mackson P. McDowall, CE.O
That the customer will be able to utilize at the business location.

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New polish blood broadcast can only be local music and interviews

New polish blood broadcast can only be local music and interviews, as the big 8 record companies now ban a post to you tube that a dj uses published material.
so we will make the changes , So polish blood will only include local music and songs that have not been purchased by the big 8 .We will have a lot of great ways to promote the Polish blood Radio Show , with links to SONGWRITERSLOUNGE, and other new sites.

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Willy Orbison now changed to WillyO with new music

Willy Orbison now changed to WillyO with new music for a new mobile generation. Just finished in the studio with my 2 nd song and a new brand. Now know as WillyO ,and placed on Reverbnation you can follow my new career into the future. I am going to perform with the legendary Drifters in Nov 22 NF at the Forvm in Amherst Ny.
You can listen to my 2 new songs on
http://www.reverbnation.com/WillyO Please become a fan an support my new step in my career. Thanks ps we will be updating a lot of things on the web so please be patient thanks.

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Gerald Gordon Ralston welcomes you 2013

Be a wise as a serpent ,but harmless as a dove Part 1

With part one ,of a very special project,I have been working on for many years. Quote the bible!!!

Be as wise as a serpent ,but harmless as a dove, was the words of Christ,as he went about preaching to the masses. He also stated greater things will you do in the last days. For many years intrude to see how we could do greater things then Jesus ,who was the son of God. As I sit here with an iPad in my hands and the use of the Internet,I think of a friend reporter that showed me a new way of journalism. At present time i can’t remember the name of it.,but he said you had to be inside and living it to write about it. I’m sure you might have read his inside story ,about living in a crack house,to show the would the inside of the operation. It was He who first gave me the in site to be a reporter like him. But incanted to go into the entertainment business and see how it really worked .Now is the time to open up and show the world all I learned. Still I want to be as wise as a serpent,but harmless as a dove,not to hurt anyone. I hope as I do this you will understand what God was trying to say with my words.


At present times we have many new lyrics posted of 2013 best singers songwriters and bands that exposes A lot of the behind scenes,to the writing and creation of the artist in the studio. Back many years ago I received an email telling me how I could host and own my own social network,this program was known as Nichesocializer ,and if it were not the belief of many of my music fans, It would have just passed me by. The cost was as usual as millions of Internet programs offer every day $998.00.,and far from my low budjet as a senior citizen. I was able to contact its creators Steve and Mister X. I looked it over and asked if I could break it into 3 Payments,and ,using my newly created http://PayPal.com ,agreed to make 3 payments of $395.00 and I had my own social network data base. It was everything they said and more,Remember it was just me ,and I studied all the training CDs,on line and in a few months launched my own social network ,similar to Facebook.com. It was called http://www.songwriterslounge.net ,I could note get a dot com,as it was already taken.

This will end the part 1 of this story, just want you to know,I am updating this site with my iPad, and hope I can find more people looking to own there own mini social networks. Detail soon::::


INTRESTED email me today, be a part of history of the next micro social network ,you can do on your iPad or iPhone.

With 162 posts ranging with many assorted subjects,we have used WP or WordPress to make them available to you. As I said we have many domains,purchased from http://www.godaddy.com. Plus we have many of these sites hosted on Http://www.hostgator.com, a fantastic ,and user friendly hosting company Become a part today Email me geraldgordonralston@gmail.com

thank you


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Dare Devil from a kid overview of all videos

Dare Devil from a kid  overview of all videos

BIG NEWS behind the scenes interview with living Dare Devil Flying Jimmy Elvis what motivates him to risk his life with fire crashes and danger? We asked him a learned it goes way back to childhood days.jumping off buildings and jumping a bike later to riding a motorcycle thru flames and crashing a car through a hearse. You ask way and we start to see it all started in his childhood days. Below you can see a few videos we filmed at Dun Tire Raceway Crashorama in the past years. But what is amazing to the early stories he gave us in an exclusive interviews..coming soon You will want to subscribe to this great behind the scenes with a Dare Devil.

Willy Orbison welcomes all the Dunn Tire Raceway captured on video..


Z3 winner of Appliance Race


Willy with wind competioion behind Raceway


Willy Orbison welcomes all the Dunn Tire Raceway

Willy Orbison shows a view of the race from Drivers side


Willy Orbison reviles the behind the scene Soon you will experience the motivation of a young kid and the trill of danger.   subscribe now. Thank you


Whats left after the crash and fire


Using camper as Advertisment


THE RACE at Dunn Tire




Start of Skid race


Skid Car Race sparkes and danger

Overview of the cars behind the race




More behind the scenes


Looking over all the cars before race


Look at camper that will be target


Jimmy before Crash thru Fire


Giving information to crew


Flying Jimmy Elvis Tells of his Jump thru Fire


Flying Jimmy Elvis on Track


Flying Jimmy Elvis Jump Car


Flying Jimmy Elvis Crashes tru motor home with flames and destruction


Flaming Jimmy Elvis a self promoter in todays times


First hand Look Behind the track


Entrance to Dunn Tire Raceway


Entertining the back pf Track


Elvis T shirt Promotion get your special collectors issue of his t shirt and other collect ambles,like the bar coaster used in promo. Get a chance to meet Flying Jimmy Elvis and get signed photos and posters. Soon

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