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When I first created this blog , I was such a beginner in the social media , and today I was asked to be a major affiliate for The Fashion Hero new TV show. I will be assisting in creating press to send out to major media. Stay tuned to this post to learn more .

I will try to post a small message every day we can call it the RALSTON REPORT 2014 UPDATE

April 15th Tax Day  and I have been working on Twitter all day adding new messages to tell about the fashion hero project . Also I am putting the final touches to all the 8 hours of videos I filmed at The Forvm/Iris show of Lafayette Tap Room Reunion. Norm Skulski is busy planning a great special taping of his Polish Blood Radio ShowLive at The Black Musicians Club” to be soon.
I hope you all follow his radio show weekly on WXRL am 1300 Radio ,titled “The Polish Blood Radio Show

April 16th Wednesday
I went outside late last night at about 3:07 and looked up was looking for a red moon, as i looked up and was seeing the clouds covering the sky. I felt a drop of rain , and looked down and it was snowing, what ever happened to the song lyrics . “Those April Showers may come your way , They bring the Flowers that boom in May. Wait a min snow flakes are not flowers , and i learned also that one day its snowed in May. Boy am I glad I’m not a weather forecaster.


Also I talked to Craig Dierlam ,who announced he is creating a new TV show “PI Miami” for Discovery Channel , details soon . PS He use to play at the Clock Tower in Daytona Beach .,at Adams Mark.

BLOG POST at 1:53 AM   by WillyO   be sure to check out my new cd on REVERBNATION.COM


This weekend Ed Honick of Nightlife Magazine ask me to cover one of the biggest Blues Event in the history in Buffalo,
                                   1st Annual Lafayette Tap Room
“Original Blues Reunion”

Located at Iris  this past sunday April 13th 2014.Starting at 2 pm and ending with a super jam, discovering one of the most talented your guitar players in the history , of being a talent scout.The show featured opening the show after Kurt Schenk  came all the way from California to join his friends and band members of 25 years FULL TILT  headed up by Bill Bates.  Other lead Blues leaders were  Jack Civiletto , Harvey Murello, Robbie Scheuer, Mr Conrad , with a guest appearance of Willy May and April Mazzone. The highlite of the night came after all the acts , giving up there time and talent to Benefit  Children’s Hospital, a new talent age 14 came to the stage and I was so moved ,that I even after 8 hours of video taping went up to [perform a song “Stormy Monday”  with tomarrows next Blues guitar superStar let me introduce you to Hayden Fogle, age 14 with more talent then i had seen all day.

Let me give you a brief version of myself I’m called by many name  see ( ABOUT ), but from now on social media YOU CAN CALL ME WILLYO. 

I wear a lot of hats as singer songwriter and music promoter and developer of the newest social network just for talented people ( not you can get it free but you must contact me direct to register . , but I want to thank Dawn Reese for her trust to make all the connections with THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL of FASHION TV SHOW is now up and running looking for models of all shapes sizes and colors and countries . Email me for more details.
On sign up second page it states

    HOW DID YOU FIND US  Scroll to bottom and put in


flyer_en_sans_logosIf you are between the ages of 16 and 40 you can be a Fashion Hero Today. How to do it ? Its easy just a small reg fee $9.99 you get a great website to post all you photos videos and info about you.

To learn more go to the site

On the second sign up page ,scroll down to the bottom

It says how did you find Us Make sure to say


This message is for all the people who have been following



Summer is coming !!!
Lets all help the kids at Cradle Beach Camp have a fantastic summer vacation  and come to WillyO birthday party

Production by Omego1  lighting and effects Wonderdog

Attention help us celebrate the 73rd Birthday of Singer Songwriter recording artist  WillyO at the Forvm in Amherst New York ,on June17th at 6:30 pm. It will be a fundraiser for Cradle Beach Camp in Angola New York . Tickets advance only $7.30  but day  of show at the door $10.00. A full line up of guest will be posted here , confirmed as of now .

A special Duo of Gerald Ralston and Ed Bentley -tribute to Everly Brothers, Tim Andrews ,Aron Bott Elvis tribute ,Celina V , Erin Sydney Walsh , Craig Dierlam ,Ryan Kaminski,Layla Bennett Buck  of Orlando Rock Band. Plus a mini Fashion show and jewelry show with Lillie Pearl  and many more to be listed here.

The whole show will as it has over the years,be recorded and broadcasted the following week on WXRL am radio ,at 1300 am radio. Host Norm Skulski. Years ago in Town od Tonawanda,Lincoln Park , Klub Karaoke , and now the MapleRidge Entertainment Center , Located Maple and Sweethome  in Amherst New York.

Note at His 60th birthday he had 700 people and 10 bands comedy, and more ,so don’t miss it .MORE DETAILS SOON HERE

Just added to showcase of stars under 18 is HAYDEN 14 year old Blues guitar player.

follow me on TWITTER  on @fashionheroexp

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New polish blood broadcast can only be local music and interviews

New polish blood broadcast can only be local music and interviews, as the big 8 record companies now ban a post to you tube that a dj uses published material.
so we will make the changes , So polish blood will only include local music and songs that have not been purchased by the big 8 .We will have a lot of great ways to promote the Polish blood Radio Show , with links to SONGWRITERSLOUNGE, and other new sites.

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Willy Orbison now changed to WillyO with new music

Willy Orbison now changed to WillyO with new music for a new mobile generation. Just finished in the studio with my 2 nd song and a new brand. Now know as WillyO ,and placed on Reverbnation you can follow my new career into the future. I am going to perform with the legendary Drifters in Nov 22 NF at the Forvm in Amherst Ny.
You can listen to my 2 new songs on Please become a fan an support my new step in my career. Thanks ps we will be updating a lot of things on the web so please be patient thanks.

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Gerald Gordon Ralston welcomes you 2013

Be a wise as a serpent ,but harmless as a dove Part 1

With part one ,of a very special project,I have been working on for many years. Quote the bible!!!

Be as wise as a serpent ,but harmless as a dove, was the words of Christ,as he went about preaching to the masses. He also stated greater things will you do in the last days. For many years intrude to see how we could do greater things then Jesus ,who was the son of God. As I sit here with an iPad in my hands and the use of the Internet,I think of a friend reporter that showed me a new way of journalism. At present time i can’t remember the name of it.,but he said you had to be inside and living it to write about it. I’m sure you might have read his inside story ,about living in a crack house,to show the would the inside of the operation. It was He who first gave me the in site to be a reporter like him. But incanted to go into the entertainment business and see how it really worked .Now is the time to open up and show the world all I learned. Still I want to be as wise as a serpent,but harmless as a dove,not to hurt anyone. I hope as I do this you will understand what God was trying to say with my words.


At present times we have many new lyrics posted of 2013 best singers songwriters and bands that exposes A lot of the behind scenes,to the writing and creation of the artist in the studio. Back many years ago I received an email telling me how I could host and own my own social network,this program was known as Nichesocializer ,and if it were not the belief of many of my music fans, It would have just passed me by. The cost was as usual as millions of Internet programs offer every day $998.00.,and far from my low budjet as a senior citizen. I was able to contact its creators Steve and Mister X. I looked it over and asked if I could break it into 3 Payments,and ,using my newly created ,agreed to make 3 payments of $395.00 and I had my own social network data base. It was everything they said and more,Remember it was just me ,and I studied all the training CDs,on line and in a few months launched my own social network ,similar to It was called ,I could note get a dot com,as it was already taken.

This will end the part 1 of this story, just want you to know,I am updating this site with my iPad, and hope I can find more people looking to own there own mini social networks. Detail soon::::


INTRESTED email me today, be a part of history of the next micro social network ,you can do on your iPad or iPhone.

With 162 posts ranging with many assorted subjects,we have used WP or WordPress to make them available to you. As I said we have many domains,purchased from Plus we have many of these sites hosted on Http://, a fantastic ,and user friendly hosting company Become a part today Email me

thank you


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Dare Devil from a kid overview of all videos

Dare Devil from a kid  overview of all videos

BIG NEWS behind the scenes interview with living Dare Devil Flying Jimmy Elvis what motivates him to risk his life with fire crashes and danger? We asked him a learned it goes way back to childhood days.jumping off buildings and jumping a bike later to riding a motorcycle thru flames and crashing a car through a hearse. You ask way and we start to see it all started in his childhood days. Below you can see a few videos we filmed at Dun Tire Raceway Crashorama in the past years. But what is amazing to the early stories he gave us in an exclusive interviews..coming soon You will want to subscribe to this great behind the scenes with a Dare Devil.

Willy Orbison welcomes all the Dunn Tire Raceway captured on video..


Z3 winner of Appliance Race


Willy with wind competioion behind Raceway


Willy Orbison welcomes all the Dunn Tire Raceway

Willy Orbison shows a view of the race from Drivers side


Willy Orbison reviles the behind the scene Soon you will experience the motivation of a young kid and the trill of danger.   subscribe now. Thank you


Whats left after the crash and fire


Using camper as Advertisment


THE RACE at Dunn Tire




Start of Skid race


Skid Car Race sparkes and danger

Overview of the cars behind the race




More behind the scenes


Looking over all the cars before race


Look at camper that will be target


Jimmy before Crash thru Fire


Giving information to crew


Flying Jimmy Elvis Tells of his Jump thru Fire


Flying Jimmy Elvis on Track


Flying Jimmy Elvis Jump Car


Flying Jimmy Elvis Crashes tru motor home with flames and destruction


Flaming Jimmy Elvis a self promoter in todays times


First hand Look Behind the track


Entrance to Dunn Tire Raceway


Entertining the back pf Track


Elvis T shirt Promotion get your special collectors issue of his t shirt and other collect ambles,like the bar coaster used in promo. Get a chance to meet Flying Jimmy Elvis and get signed photos and posters. Soon

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Elvis T shirt Promotion

Elvis T shirt Promotion

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Entertining the back pf Track

Entertining the back pf Track

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Entrance to Dunn Tire Raceway

Entrance to Dunn Tire Raceway

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First hand Look Behind the track

First hand Look Behind the track

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Flaming Jimmy Elvis a self promoter in todays times

Flaming Jimmy Elvis a self promoter in todays times



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